The Pros and Cons in Media Industry

Careers in the media appear to be full of glamour and prestige. But let’s not forget that, though this career has many advantages, it also involved hard work and sometimes you will be faced with difficult choices in life. The pros and cons in the media industry will help you decide if you want to choose this challenging field and try to make a career in it.


  • You become a part of an important history

People who work in this field are able to get first-hand information and most of them get a very precious experience of seeing it with their own eyes. In addition to that, they are able to ask more questions, share this information and be more involved with these stories.

  • You will be able to meet important people

It just doesn’t involve meting reporters and radio announcers. Since media is involved in TV, radio, print and online industries, you will be able to meet other famous people like celebrities, politicians and athletes.

  • This career is full of surprises

Even if you try to make yourself ready with many possibilities of different stories that will come in your job, there will still be a time that you some stories that will surprise you.

  • It is now easier to share news with your audience

Because of the advancement of technology, several gadgets are now helping with recording of important news and sharing it with the audience, especially if it is an important event such as accidents, or a historical event like the result of a national election.



  • This job requires personal sacrifices

As you can observe, people in the media industry always report news that is happening anytime and anywhere. And this involves sacrificing sleep and your time with your family, mainly if you are just starting in this industry.

  • It can bring bad reputation

Some people will think that media personalities are biased with the news that they are delivering, together with their opinions about certain topics.

  • You have to be presentable at all times

When delivering news and information, your outward appearance and tone of voice is very important. You should look confident, especially if you are reporting on TV, otherwise your audience will not believe you.

  • Accuracy of the news

Technology has its cons, since it is now faster to share news with your audience you have to make sure that it is 100% accurate. Because if not, you will suffer the consequences of misleading your audiences, and the company’s reputation that you are working for will also be involved.

The media industry is like Hollywood, with the famous celebrities as counterpart of media personalities. As you can observe with them, they are also treated like an A-lister in the Hollywood. Successful media personalities are also featured in magazines and invited for interviews. And even though they are the paparazzi themselves, they are sometimes being followed by fellow paparazzi.


Famous media personalities are also treated like royalty. They are featured in magazines like Forbes; they write their own autobiography books; and they are even invited for an interview. They share how they started in the industry, their struggles and sacrifices, and how they reached their status.

Since they are rich and famous like other celebrities, some of these very successful media personalities have a very extravagant lifestyle. Some of them have posh mansions, several vacation houses; you can see them partying in exclusive clubs, spending vacation in famous tourist destinations, have different types of transportation including a private jet, and have a large collection of fancy cars. On the website, you will see several articles about media personalities and their car collections.

Some of them, even though they are usually the ones who are delivering news to the audience, sometimes are being part of the news being delivered. One of the famous media personalities is Oprah Winfrey. She is a famous American media proprietor talk show host, producer, philanthropist and known for her “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. She is dubbed as the “Queen of All Media” and regarded by many as the most influential woman in the world. But despite this huge success, even she is not exempted in receiving hateful comments and treatment from people. She receives body-shaming comments in social media accounts, and was once treated with racist remarks.

Media have their own award-giving bodies in their field, excluding the special awards from Emmy’s and Oscar’s awards, they have The Peabody Awards. The George Foster Peabody Award recognizes public service done by radio and television stations, networks, producing organizations and individuals. These stories made a major impact in delivering news and information to the audience. We are used to seeing media personalities in a business or corporate attires when delivering the news. Thus, it is a nice change of view to see them in special events, where they arrive in fancy cars, dress up in formal attires with elegant accessories from famous fashion designers.


Top Five Most Powerful Media Personalities For All Times

What do media personalities mean? Who are these people? Media personalities are individuals who are involved in presenting TV shows, such as but not limited to: news program, commentator, TV shows, Games and Reality shows and many other more that includes media, they can be termed as media personalities. However, with the emergence of technology, the internet and the infiltration of the many useful services that it presented to our lives, people who runs podcast actively, using the help of several media platforms are now being categorized as being part of media personalities.

It is important to note however, that in every field of professions there are individuals who excel from such professions. These individuals have the power to influence people from almost all walks of life. But, there are only a few of them that got the trust and loyalty of the viewing public.
Listed are the Top Five Media Personalities who are recognized all over the world.

top five powerful media personalities

top five powerful media personalities

1. Walter Cronkite – News Anchor, Television/Radio Broadcaster- Walter Cronkite was born on the 4th of November, 1916 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He was CBS evening best news anchorman for 19 years. He was the only person that was voted as the most trusted person in the entire United States, this makes him earn the number 1 spot. He covered so many historical events that include the World war 11 bombings, Iran Hostage Crisis, Vietnam War, Nuremberg trials and President John F. Kennedy’s murder. He also covers extensively the U.S. space programs, Project Mercury, Moon Landings as well as the Space Shuttles.

2. Lila Diane Sawyer -Television Journalist – before she become a TV Journalist she was associated closely with President Richard Nixon, as a member of the Nixon’s White House staff. She is currently the anchor of ABC News’s flagship program ABC World News, a co-anchor of ABC News’s morning news program Good Morning America and also the Primetime newsmagazine. She was also a correspondent of 60 Minutes.

3. Robert H. “Bob” Young– News Anchor, Journalist – he came from Ridgewood, New Jersey and was born on November 7, 1923. He was ABC News’ anchor and a television journalist. He was also the anchored of World News, which was formerly known as The ABC Evening News. He became notable when he broadcasted the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. Douglas Edwards – Broadcast Journalist – born on July 14, 1917, he was a native of Oklahoma. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. He was personally chosen by Frank Stanton, then president of CBS, to anchor the first nightly news of CBS, which is now known as the CBS Evening News. Eventually he became the anchor of The World Today and World News Today. Douglas was one of the first TV reporters to provide an on the scene reports, during the shooting of five congressmen in 1954 at the House of Representatives. He was also the exclusive eye witness of sinking of Italian Liner Andrea Doria. He was recognized by the George Foster Peabody Award for ”best television news.

5. Brian Douglas Williams – News Anchor, NBC Nightly News Managing Editor -he is an American journalist. He is the most seen individual in a daily basis by television viewers. He held together the broadcast’s station as the most-watched newscast in all of television. He has become the most highly adored evening news anchor of the modern era, since he take over the position as anchor and managing editor in 2004 for NBC Nightly News. He was one of the most awarded media personalities garnering 11 Edward R. Murrow Awards, 12 Emmy awards, duPont-Columbia University Award, the Excellence in Journalism award of Walter Cronkite and the most prestigious award of the industry the George Foster Peabody Award.